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**  Wednesday, January 17, 2018  **

Monticello High School will be closed, to Students, January 17, 2018.  All Faculty and Staff should report as usual.
All other schools will be open for instruction.


Monticello High School Thespians To Present "The Frogs"

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The Frogs LogoDisgusted with the state of current entertainment, Dionysus, God of Wine and Poetry, decides that it's time to retrieve Shakespeare from the underworld. Surely if the Bard were given a series on HBO, he'd be able to raise the level of discourse! Accompanied by his trusted servant, Xanthias (the brains of the operation), Dionysus seeks help from Hercules and Charon the Boatman. Unfortunately, his plan to rescue Shakespeare goes horribly awry, as he's captured by a chorus of reality-television-loving demon frogs. The frogs put the god on trial and threaten him with never-ending torment unless he brings more reality shows into the world. It won't be easy for Dionysus to survive, and, even if he does get past the frogs, Jane Austen isn't ready to let Shakespeare escape without a fight. Adapted from Aristophanes' classic satire, The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation by Don Zolidis is a hilarious and scathing look at highbrow and lowbrow art.

WHO:  Monticello High School Thespians
WHAT:  The Frogs: A Modern Adaptation (A Comedy)
WHEN:  October 27th & 28th at 7 p.m.
WHERE:  MHS Auditorium
TICKETS:  $5.00 adults/students at the door

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